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It’s Big Reveal Time! Check Out Rhonda’s New Look


Since November, we’ve been chronicling the transformation of Rhonda Cohen, winner of Independence Blue Cross’ Fearless Is… sweepstakes. In case you don’t remember, Cohen won an amazing prize package, which included guidance from The Sporting Club at the Bellevue personal trainer, consultation with dietician Lindsey Kane, $500 to spend toward a new wardrobe/accessories at South Moon Under, and a full salon makeover at Bellevue Salon and Spa. For the last three months, she’s worked with a team of wellness and beauty experts for a completely new look. (For a recap: follow her experience here and here.) And now, it’s time for the big reveal! 


How gorgeous does she look? After ongoing nutrition consultations, a personalized workout regimen, and a slew of new clothes from South Moon Under, it was time for Cohen to complete her makeover at Bellevue Salon and Spa. There, she worked with master stylist and master colorist Joseph Greco and head makeup artist Harriet Goldman.

thumbnailCohen’s previous look involved dark brown tresses in a medium-short cut. “We changed her hair color to a much softer, more natural hair color. We reshaped the whole look,” says Greco. Lucky for her, the upkeep is manageable, too. Greco explains, “It’s a pretty average touch-up, and [she’ll need them] every 4 to 6 weeks.” The softer hue both brightens up her face and complements her features.

As far as makeup is concerned, Goldman wanted to focus on the basics with Cohen. “I did the makeup so she would look pretty and she could go out in it. It was very wearable makeup,” says Goldman. The look involved: primer, foundation, plucked and darkened eyebrows, subtle eyeliner, natural-looking eyeshadow and a brick-toned lipstick. “She’s very pretty; she has wonderful skin,” explains Goldman.

To see her entire transformation in action, watch the video below:

Cohen’s verdict? Success! She writes:

“The person that I’m looking in the mirror at is a different person than I’ve ever seen before. The transformation is nothing short of a miracle, really. The hair and makeup, outfit, experience, friends and people I’ve met along the way have all changed me. This was probably one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.”

Rhonda’s journey has been inspiring across the board: “I’ll take away that I’m worthy to look good. I’m worthy to take care of myself, to be the best person I’m going to be, to take the step, to live fearless, to try new things, to grasp every aspect of life – and I can look good doing it.”