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Here’s Your Summer Festival Survival Guide

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The warm weather is here and you’re taking advantage of every beach day, road trip and outdoor concert. You’ve got every summer weekend worked down to a science, but before you pack your bags for that four-day music festival, here’s a couple things we want you to keep in mind.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration leaves you susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which is why this is rule number one. Outdoor events like music festivals often take place on some of the summer’s hottest days. Therefore, it’s important to avoid dehydration by drinking lots of water, limiting your alcohol intake, and taking advantage of shaded areas. If you notice the signs of dehydration – increased thirst, fatigue, dry skin, headache or dizziness – make your way over to the medical tent.

Wear Sunscreen

Nothing ruins a weekend of fun in the sun like an uncomfortable and painful sunburn. More importantly, direct exposure to harmful UV rays is a leading cause of skin cancer and melanoma. Therefore, remember that sunscreen – SPF 30 or higher is always recommended –  is your friend and to reapply every two hours.

Drink Responsibly

Drinking alcohol impairs your judgment and increases your risk of dehydration. Even if you’re not driving, it’s important to stay alert in large crowds. Always watch your drinks and keep a count of how much alcohol you’ve consumed. Lastly, make sure you balance your alcohol intake by drinking water and eating beforehand as well as throughout the day.

Look Out For Your Friends

Use the buddy system and stay together so you don’t lose your group. It’s also important to pay attention to the needs and symptoms of others. If a friend appears to be showing signs of dehydration or intoxication, help them out. Encourage them to drink water or seek medical attention if necessary.

Know Your Surroundings

Cell phone service can be spotty at large events so when you first arrive at the venue, set a meeting spot with your group in case you all separate. Also, it’s important to get your bearings and locate essential resources like the medical tents, water bottle refill stations and cell phone charging areas.

Mind Your Campsite

Many festivals offer an onsite camping option. If you are camping at the festival there are a few things to keep in mind. Secure your belongings, especially things of value, in the car or in a safe place. Don’t leave perishable food out and make sure you store food at the appropriate temperatures to avoid food poisoning or illness. Lastly, make fire safety a priority and avoid cooking and smoking in proximity to your tent and campsite.

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