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You Can Now Pick Up Fresh Produce, Dairy and Pantry Items Without Going Inside a Store

j ambrogi foods curbside pickup

Curbside pickup programs are a safe and convenient way to shop for groceries right now. To help Philly and the surrounding communities during this time, J. Ambrogi Foods is offering a curbside pickup program so customers can bring produce, dairy and pantry items home without entering a store or waiting for delivery.

This fifth-generation, family-owned business has been selling fresh fruits and vegetables to the tri-state region since 1885. When the coronavirus pandemic hit last month, co-owners Kristy and Michael Ambrogi saw a new way to support the surrounding community. “Since we already provide an essential service to our customer base, we want to do the same for all people who live in the area to ensure that everyone has access to the foods they need,” Kristy says.

What You Can Order

Fill your online cart with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables: apples, bananas, avocadoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions and the like. Customers can also opt for assorted produce kits—a simple way to fill the fridge with a variety of options. The online store additionally offers essential items like milk, butter, eggs, bread and pasta.

Starting as soon as next month, J. Ambrogi will begin selling produce from surrounding farms as part of its ongoing “Let’s Get Local” program. All summer long, you’ll get access to in-season crops from regional growers. Think plump tomatoes, sweet corn and juicy peaches from nearby farms in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. It’s an easy way to take home the freshest foods while also supporting community businesses—a win-win. Check back around Memorial Day for the latest harvest.

How It Works

To place an order, simply head to the J. Ambrogi Foods online store and select your items as well as a pick-up time of your choosing. Pick-ups take place at its warehouse in Thorofare, New Jersey, which is less than a 20-minute drive from Center City. Order before 3 p.m. and your groceries can be ready as soon as the following day.

Employees wearing gloves and masks will then place the order in your trunk, so you can safely stay in your car. Because payment is made online ahead of time, there’s no need to hand over physical cash or cards. “Whoever came up with this idea during this time deserves all my appreciation and thanks,” says one customer, Barbara. “Thank you to the company for putting this within my reach. I can’t tell you in words how valuable this service is.”

Place your online order with J. Ambrogi Foods and pick up fresh produce, dairy and pantry items near Philly without leaving your car.