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9 Gifts on Every Fitness Fanatic’s Wishlist

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Need gift ideas for the fitness nut on your holiday shopping list? Or that friend whose new years’ resolution is always to work out more? Here’s a list of our favorite fitness accessories that will keep your friends and family active.

Wearable Fitness Technology
As the fitness world becomes more high tech, keep the fitness gurus in your life up-to-date with the latest technologies with a GPS watch.

Workout Clothes 
There is no such thing as having too many workout clothes. A nice pair of fitness leggings or a couple of fun workout tanks will go a long way for your fitness fanatic. If you’re not sure what to look for, shop for high waisted leggings that will stay in place even on long runs and in the most twisted yoga poses. Also, insulated turtlenecks or quarter zips are the perfect gifts for your friend who has plans to train for a spring marathon during the dead of winter.

Light-weight Jacket
The weather outside is getting frightful, but that doesn’t have to keep us indoors.  Light-weight winter jackets make great gifts for hikers who like to be active and outdoors all year long.

Gift Cards
If your friend has been itching to break from their normal routine, this is a great way to encourage them to try a new fitness class. Get them a gift card to that yoga studio they’ve been wanting to check out or maybe try something totally different, like rock climbing.

Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is imperative to healthy and active lifestyle. Stainless steel water bottles are in right now and they keep your water nice and chilled even in the hottest of hot yoga classes.

New Gym Bag
Keeping your workout gear fresh and clean is important. As much as you don’t want to think about it, your gym bag is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria so this one is never a bad gift idea.

Combination Lock
It’s important to keep your gear safe at the gym which is why a combination lock is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Meal Prep Containers
This is a great gift idea especially for your friends that like to plan ahead or pack their lunches for work.  We like to look for glass containers because they are BPA free, oven and microwave safe, recyclable, airtight and leak proof. This list is full of options so you can pick which ones are best for you.

Every fitness fanatic needs a blender for smoothies or protein shakes. Throw in a bag of their favorite protein powder for the perfect gift package.

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