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2023 Health Experts: Cross Medical Group

For 15 years, Dr. Kevin J. Cross has led his practice with a single guiding philosophy: “Provide a patient experience better than what’s available anywhere else in the world.” To accomplish their goal, Cross Medical Group (CMG) strives to reach their patients in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Great results require excellent technique. Dr. Cross’s advances in “deep plane” work allow him to target the face and neck, individually or together, to create harmony in the end result, customizing the plan to allow for targeted results with shorter down times. More recently, Dr. Cross has extended the concept of “deep plane” work to other areas of the face. Dr. Cross’s preservation rhinoplasty technique uses the same principle as in face and neck lifting. The end result? A rhinoplasty that causes less trauma, less bruising, less inflammation, less scar- ring, a shorter recovery and the most predictable and long-lasting results he has ever seen.

At CMG, the presence of a plastic surgeon specializing in female procedures further drives their mission forward. Dr. Jacqueline Lyons is currently evolving the treatment of breasts, body aesthetics and labiaplasty procedures in real-time. She is able to create shape and volume in breast augmentations without the need for implants. This is ideal for those who prefer to use their own natural tissues to increase their existing volume or for those who want to replace their implants with a natural alternative. For patients who prefer implants, Dr. Lyons supports the tissues around the implant with a long-lasting, absorbable product that ensures the implants stay where they are placed, providing more stability and predictability.

The ideal patient experience goes beyond just the final surgical result. Surgical Coordinators Cheryl Zimmerman and Susan Maile, Nurses Samantha Mendez, Nicole Titus, Sierra Wright, Stephanie Mahon and Sheri Levin, along with seven fabulous patient coordinators, ensure that patients are assisted by a Cross Medical Group team member whenever needed.

Plastic Surgery; 2200 Arch Street, Suite 120, Philadelphia; 775 East Lancaster Avenue, Suite 230, Villanova, PA; 215-561-9100; crossmedicalgroup.com

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