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4 Reasons Your Apartment Needs an Herb Garden

Photo credit: Getty Images

It’s finally starting to look and feel like spring in Philadelphia. The trees are turning green and the flowers are blooming, why not bring a little bit of springtime into your living spaces too? Herb gardens are perfect hobbies for this time of year, especially for city dwellers who may not have a lot of yard space. As long as these plants have a little sunlight and water, they’ll grow beautifully in a window box or in a chic flower pot set. Besides their adorable aesthetic there are several more health conscious reasons to get planting.

1. They Encourage You to Cook More

Growing your own plants is a great motivator to get cooking. Cooking at home often leads to lower calorie meals and you’ll save money on expensive produce. That means you’ll have a little extra cash for the week and you can check out that outdoor yoga class you’ve been eyeing. As you can see, this kind of ripple effect can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.

2. Add Flavor to Your Meals

Herbs are great alternative to other flavor enhancing options that may not be as good for you. Adding the complex and delicious flavors of parsley, cilantro, basil – you name it – can replace extra salt or high-sodium seasonings. So, you’ll get the flavor punch without the calories.

3. Gardening Lowers Stress Levels

Gardening is a great opportunity to unplug from your work week. There’s also a sense of satisfaction that comes with seeing your herbs grow and thrive and beautifying your space. Overall, spending some time with nature will lower your stress levels and clear your mind.

4. Full of Vitamins and Antioxidants

Herbs are packed with some incredible health benefits. Many of them like parsley are full of essential vitamins like vitamin A, C and K. They’re also a gold mine of antioxidants which can help combat diseases like cancer and heart disease.

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