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3 Ways to Make Your Employees’ Health Care More Convenient

Photo credit: Shutterstock/ www.BillionPhotos.com

Photo credit: Shutterstock/ www.BillionPhotos.com

There’s no reason your employees should feel confused or frustrated with their health care. Gone are the days when consumers were tasked with culling and analyzing their health plan information via phone and by hand. In fact, now UnitedHealthcare offers a bevy of services that make understanding and utilizing health care simple and convenient for employers and employees alike. Here are three tools provided to plan members: 

Health4Me App // UnitedHealthcare offers a free app that provides plan members with access to both their own and their family’s health information on their phones. Members using the app — available for Apple and Android devices — can store their insurance ID cards, contact a registered nurse 24/7, manage medications, locate nearby physicians and estimate costs. With all of this information readily accessible on their phones, your employees will never feel like they’re in the dark.

myHealthcare Cost Estimator // An online resource for UnitedHealthcare members, the tool provides personalized information that can be used to calculate estimated out-of-pocket expenses based on your employees’ plans and current benefit statuses. In addition to seeing the cost of care, members can find more information about their procedures and providers. That way, your employees have the full picture when it comes to finding affordable and smart care.

myClaims Manager // Available on Health4Me, myClaims Manager is designed to help employees manage their health care claims and pay their providers right from the app. Members can interact with their claims, making notes and flagging claims for follow-up, as well as view a detailed display of their account balances. Your employees can also stay organized by referencing a history of payments they’ve made to their health care providers.

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