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3 Speedy Spa & Salon Treatments to Enjoy on Your Lunch Break Today

With overcrowded Google calendars, looming deadlines and never-ending to-do lists, indulging in a luxe spa treatment can seem like a far-off fantasy. Luckily, The Rittenhouse Spa & Club is ahead of the curve. Armed with the knowledge that there’s no better time to treat yourself than when you’re at your most stressed and haggard, the local spa & salon offers a bevy of restorative services for even the busiest of clients.

These lunch-break-friendly treatments are fast, efficient, and most of all, effective. Simply schedule an appointment, swing by the positively tranquil spa and indulge in the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up. No latte needed.

30-Minute HydraFacial // Many skin treatments subscribe to the “it looks worse before it gets better” philosophy, but not so with HydraFacial. The non-invasive, non-surgical resurfacing treatment smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, calms acne, unclogs pores and reduces hyper-pigmentation. Bonus: you can even reapply your makeup afterward without irritating your glowy, new complexion.

Hair Varnish // Did summer’s harsh rays and chlorine take a toll on your locks? Give your strands some much-needed TLC with a hair varnish treatment. The ammonia-free formula adds shine, deep conditions and makes hair super-soft for four to six weeks. It’s the perfect way to ward off end-of-summer frizz and transition your mane for fall.

Xtreme Lashes // Rather than mastering your mascara wand wielding technique, opt for some masterfully applied lash extensions. After evaluating the best length and thickness for your extensions, a practiced esthetician applies the synthetic fibers to individual eyelashes in order to create a lush, super-natural fringe.

For more information about luxe spa packages and services at The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque, click here.