Men, This Is What You Should Wear to the Best of Philly Soiree

Skip the tux, bring on the tie.

Images via Suitsupply | Suit 1, Suit 2, Pocket Square, Cufflinks

Images via Suitsupply | Suit 1, Suit 2, Pocket Square, Cufflinks

Fellas, it’s officially crunch time. Our Best of Philly Soirée is tomorrow and it’s time to figure out exactly what to to wear. We’ve already counseled the ladies on their outfits, so let’s talk about menswear.

Shopping for formal events in the dead of summer can be daunting (three-piece suit? In this humidity? Hard pass), but after years of seeing first-hand what makes the coolest Best of Philly outfits, we know what we’re talking about. Here are some helpful tips and inspiration for putting together the perfect men’s Best of Philly outfit. 

#1. Leave the tux at home.

While Best of Philly is pretty important business, skip the tuxedo. The event calls for elevated style, but it’s not that formal.

#2. Lightweight suits are the way to go.

Instead of a tuxedo, try a lightweight suit in its place. Look for lightweight cotton and linen (just make sure it’s ironed!) for a cool base to a phenomenal Best of Philly outfit.

#3. Say yes to the tie.

It’s not required – see the two tie-less gents below! – but we love a guy in a tie. (Also, not everyone can rock a necklace like the guy on the far left.)

Fun styles from last year's event | Photography by Lauren McGrath

Fun styles from last year’s event. | Photography by Lauren McGrath

#4. Jeans are tricky.

Just because we told you to pass on the tux doesn’t mean you can go full-on casual here. We’ve seen guys pull off jeans at the event, but there are ground rules: Avoid anything too baggy or too skinny, choose a dark wash, and stay away from anything distressed.

#5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Rock a hat! Put on some cufflinks! Show some personality! Seeing the same navy blue suit over and over and over again can get tedious, so kindly do us a favor and jazz it up a bit.

Oh, and if you haven’t already bought your ticket for the best party of the year, you can get ’em here.