Shop Talk: How to Get Rid of Blackheads Once and For All

Read with coffee: Five style headlines to know after the long weekend.


Image via iStock/gruizza.

  • Blackheads constantly plaguing that beautiful nose and chin of yours? Same. The answer doesn’t have to be monthly facials (though those do work wonders). Instead, try these at-home tricks and best practices for keeping your skin clear of blackheads. [Byrdie]
  • If you’re over 24, it’s high time to invest in some sunnies. Before you do that though, check out these five secrets of women who never break their sunglasses. [Purewow]

  • Get ready for leisurée (yes, that’s a word now) — the lingerie industry’s response to millennials and their obsession with comfort. We can’t say we’re sorry to see the underwire become a thing of the past. [Fast Company]
  • Colored hair could use a good deep-conditioning treatment more often than not — guaranteed that once-a-month hair mask isn’t getting the job done. Here, one beauty editor breaks down the girl-on-the-go solution: deep-condition, braid, Soulcycle, in that order. [Into The Gloss]
  • If you’re thinking about buying a designer handbag secondhand (or online), you should be sure it’s the real deal before shelling out any cash. Here’s how to tell if that designer bag is fake in no time at all. [Refinery 29]