Snow Day Perk: Duross and Langel is Having a Major Winter Storm Sale

Thank you, Jonas and shopping gods.


It already feels like Valentine’s Day at Duross and Langel. | Photo by Emily Goulet.

There’s nothing like a gigantic blizzard dumping two feet on our entire region to hurt local businesses. I couldn’t summon the willpower to walk to my mailbox, let alone to get out and shop. But, in a classic turning-lemons-to-lemonade move, Duross & Langel is holding a store-wide sale that’s even more major than this weekend’s snowstorm

Today through Thursday, all Duross & Langel products in-store and online are 20 percent off. Yup. That includes handmade soaps (originally $7.50) made with ultra-nourishing ingredients, bath bombs ($7.50) that won’t dye your skin, and the greatest pumpkin oat sugar scrub ($12) you can get your hands on. If ordering online, use the discount code storm2016 at checkout, and be sure to cash in on their free shipping on orders over $75.

If that doesn’t warm you up inside with happiness, we don’t know what else to tell you here at Shoppist. Perhaps Foobooz’s cozy list of 25 local bars and restaurants with fireplaces will do the trick.

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