Lilly Pulitzer, Primark and Bradley Cooper: The Best of Shoppist 2015

The stories you loved — and the ones you might have missed!


Each year, it’s so fun to take a peek inside the always entertaining black hole that is our analytics. Here, we can see what make you, dear reader, tick. We can see what you love to read about (Lilly, Lilly, Lilly and more Lilly), which celebs you’re interested in (Bradley Cooper), and the burning fashion questions you have (fading jeans, anyone?). Here, Shoppist’s most 10 popular posts of 2015. Take a spin down memory lane with us, why don’t you, if only so you can find out where Bradley Cooper’s mom shops. 

#10: A Sneak Peek Inside Philly’s New Bloomingdale’s Outlet
You guys love your outlets, and we got in before anyone else to give you the sneak peek. Here’s what we found, and what you loved to shop.

#9: We Found the Longest-Lasting Manicure in Philly
Almost two weeks with not a single chip!

#8. Retail News: Macy’s in Suburban Square Is Closing
We hate reporting on store closings, and this one resonated with a lot of you.

#7: VIDEO: QVC In Hot Water After “Racial Mocking”

#6: Bradley Cooper’s Mom Got Her Oscars Earrings at This Abington Boutique
Who knows, maybe he shops there, too?

#5: Denim 101: How to Keep Black Jeans From Fading In the Wash
The trick: Presoak and then mist with vodka and water.

#4: An Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside Primark’s New King of Prussia Megastore
And on to Lilly… We gave you yet another sneak peek, this time of the brand’s sparkly new KOP shop.

#3: The 10 Most Insane Lilly Pulitzer for Target Auctions on Ebay Right Now
Guys, this needs to stop.

#2: Why Are Women So Furious About the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection?
Lilly launched a collection for Target and fans were pissed.

#1: Here Is Your Game Plan for Lilly Pulitzer for Target’s Sunday Launch
And finally, proof that Lilly fans are die-hard. Until next year!