4 Great New Year’s Eve Outfits No One Else Will Be Wearing

Sick of sequins? Try these on for a new look.

If there’s one day of the year when you can get away with wearing almost anything, it’s New Year’s Eve. Still, that doesn’t mean you should revert back to the cliches. As dazzling and party-appropriate as sequins and neon can be (we’ve already professed our love for sequin pants), you’re more likely to stand out if you incorporate one of these 2016 style trends into your end-of-the-year ensemble. Better yet, they’re all great enough to last long after the ball has dropped. 

Multi-colored Faux Furs

While the weather hasn’t exactly been seasonal, don’t let it stop you from strutting your stuff in a multi-colored (faux) fur vest or coat. Try it with a jumpsuit (see far right) or use it to break up an all-black look (center).

Leather Fringe

Fringe is one of those styles that can either be done right, or very very wrong. The trick is finding that balance between stylish and showy — a fringed leather skirt paired with your most strappy, well-loved heels adds a touch of sophistication, while opting for white sneakers adds an edgy, punk vibe to your overall look.

Holographic Neutrals

This veers a little close to cliche, but it just works too well when it’s done right. I’m talking about holographic skirts in unique styles and textures, like flowing pleats and a structured mini skirt. No further embellishments are required with this look, so keep your cool with a neutral sweatshirt and shoes. The future is now.

Jewel Tones


Photo credit: Harpers Bazaar, Zaychishka

With new years come newer, bolder fashion choices, so don’t be like me and wear black 364 days out of the year. Shine bright with a monochromatic ensemble in a jewel tone; I’m talking about a stately crimson pantsuit or something preppy, purple, and plaid (try and say that three times fast). Not quite as daring? Accent neutral trousers with a vibrant and chunky knit.