Warby Parker Opening a Store in Former Le Bec-Fin Space

The Wharton-founded eyewear company finally sets up true Philly roots.

Warby Parker

Examples of Warby Parker retail locations. | Images via Warby Parker.

Since its founding in 2010, Warby Parker has catapulted into startup success-story fame, becoming a model for other fledgling companies and nabbing plenty of national acclaim. But though the company was started in Philly by two Wharton students, the brand’s presence has been limited to a small showroom in Art in the Age boutique in Old City, where customers can try on frames and then order online. We didn’t complain – hey, it’s better than nothing, right? – but it always seemed slightly unfair, especially as the company began sprinkling standalone retail locations across the country (New Orleans! Nashville! Austin! SoHo!) in 2013. Where’s the love?

Well, finally, we’ve got some: It’s been confirmed that Warby Parker is opening a brick-and-mortar location in the former Le Bec-Fin space at 1523 Walnut Street. According to reports, the store is slated to open next year, and will take over 2,360 square feet of retail space, spread out over two floors. 

The manager of Art in the Age was unable to confirm whether or not the store will still retain its Warby Parker showroom when the full-line boutique opens. We’ll keep you posted on further details; in the meantime, start getting excited.