PHOTOS: The Most WTF, NSFW Costumes From Miley Cyrus’s Philly Concert

Scary, or scary talented? You be the judge.


Miley: An endless source of bewilderment and fascination. | Darco Lalevic.

Some people say she’s off her rocker; others tout her as a creative genius. Whichever way you lean, you can’t deny the gawk-worthy absurdity of Miley Cyrus’ crazy, barely-there costumes. Her show this past Saturday at the Electric Factory did not disappoint in the ensemble category, with her looks ranging from celestial to kooky to, uh, culinary. Keep scrolling to see her Philly concert looks, and check out this moment during her performance where Miley talked about her time living in Philly. 


Photo by Darco Lalevic.

No costume was too bulky or too out there for Miley.


Photo by Darco Lalevic.

Her looks ran the gamut from giant baby to stick of butter to … baby chick?

Miley 4

Photo by Darco Lalevic.

As the night went on, the costumes got progressively wackier. (Human disco ball? Why not?)

Miley 5

Photo by Darco Lalevic.

…and skimpier. That unicorn costume was my personal favorite, until she threw the headpiece into the crowd after it fell off twice.


Photo by Darco Lalevic.

As expected, she had to include a nip slip or two before the show was over. Maybe she should just rename her tour “NSFW.” Just a thought.