7 Not-Cheesy Hostess Gifts You Can Find in Philly Shops

How to earn yourself an invite to next year's Thanksgiving party.

Hostess Gifts

From tea to wax wine toppers, here are the gifts you should be giving.

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows the hostess-gift range is surprisingly narrow: a bottle of wine, a cheese plate, a bouquet of flowers. And while these gifts aren’t bad (who doesn’t want wine?), they just feel less-than-special.

To avoid being the millionth person to come bearing a bottle o’ red this Thanksgiving, follow the shopping list below. I’ve rounded up some of the coolest, most thoughtful gifts to bring to your Thanksgiving host, all from stores in the Philly area. Bring one of these and guarantee yourself a spot at next year’s table. 

[1]  Instead of gifting a traditional candle, opt for these cute wax wine cork candles, which can be stuck in the tops of bottles for a charming take on the traditional pillar or votive. $10 for a set of four at Occasionette, South Philly.

[2] For only $10, you can give a present that packs a major punch. Stick a tiny tea light in these copper floral hurricanes for a gift that can also double as a table centerpiece. From $10 for small version at Terrain, Glen Mills.

[3] The former fashion director of Barneys unveils her painfully stylish secrets in her memoir, Always Pack a Party Dress. It’s an envy-inducing read, and makes one heck of a coffee table book. $30 at Anthropologie, multiple locations.

[4] For Philly pride, minus the cheesy factor, give this ceramic dish, maybe topped with an appetizer for the meal. $26 at Open House, Midtown Village.

[5] Because we all secretly love Pumpkin Spice lattes, there’s this adorable tin of ‘Thankful for You’ pumpkin spice tea, the sweetest way to show your love this season. $15.95 at Paper Source, multiple locations.

[6] These supremely chic notecards are by a local illustrator. We’re obsessed. From 26 for a set of 10 at The Atelier.

[7] This Pumpkin Ale liquid hand soap is by a local soapmaker, it smells divine, and your host will need it after what could be a long and messy post-meal clean up. $16 at Duross & Langel, Midtown Village.