The Well-Groomed Gentleman’s Guide to Facial Hair in Philly

From hair-growing serums to maintenance tips, here's how to thrive this Movember.

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The ultimate guide, no matter your facial hair style. | Shutterstock.

Whether you have rocked a moustache or beard for decades, jumped on the lumbersexual bandwagon in the past few years, or simply want to show your support this Movember, having facial hair takes commitment. Other than the initial impulse to go for it, there’s the constant upkeep, the itchiness, and (always) the risk of looking like a college student just returning home from a soul-searching semester abroad. Don’t look like that guy. Instead, check out our guide to growing, trimming and maintaining facial hair in Philadelphia, and greet this Movember more bright-eyed and bushy-bearded than ever.

Where to Go: 5 Awesome Barbershops in Philly

We polled our fave bearded men for their go-to manly maintenance locales. 


Shops worth a visit. | Images via Nic Grooming and The Duke Barber Co.

Groom, Rittenhouse
This laid-back, jazzy spot provides the perfect mancave-like atmosphere for a relaxing beard trim ($15). When the month is out, their impeccable straight-razor shave ($35) will help you greet December fresh-faced. Be prepared: This joint is cash only.

2B Groomed, Washington Square West.
A favorite among our whiskered friends, 2B Groomed is the spot to hit for classically great barbering: precise cuts and shaves, top-notch products, and always engaging conversation.

Rittenhouse Spa, Rittenhouse
It’s not your typical old-school barbershop experience here. The spa setting is far more luxe, but not so feminine that guys will feel out of place. Head here for a trim ($20) and add on a scalp massage ($25) for an ultra-relaxing spa moment.

Nic Grooming, Rittenhouse
The vibe in a nutshell: exposed brick walls, spinning barber pole, vintage motorcycle in front (this is for sale!), ESPN on always. A standalone beard trim is $20, but if you only need minor maintenance, they’ll tack it onto your haircut for free.

The Duke Barber Co., Northern Liberties and Chestnut Hill
The talented staff at this duo of barbershops will give you an impeccable 30-minute beard and mustache trim ($13), or an hour-long haircut and trim ($43). Jameson on the side.

What to Buy: The Products You Need for Your Best Beard Ever

We talked to the pros for their must-haves when it comes taking care of your hair.

Beard Products

Consider this your manly pampering arsenal. | Images via brands listed below.

1. Maestro’s beard wash and beard butter
These are recommended by the pros at the Duke Barber Co. The wash shampoos the beard without drying your face, and works best when followed by the deep-conditioning beard butter for a soft, tame finish.

2. Duross and Langel’s beard balm
It’s made at D&L’s Midtown Village studio and helps keep whiskers soft and detangled.

3. Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate 

The lavender and primrose extracts send your skin into nighttime recovery overdrive, softening your beard hair while you sleep.

4. Dagett & Ramsdell’s color stick 
Recommended by the guys at Maxamillion’s, the pigmented color stick conceals any stray grays that may have worked their way into your beard, and adds volume.

5. Kent beard brush
According to the pros at the Art of Shaving, this natural boar’s hair brush is great for guys with longer beards, as the brush fibers won’t strip your natural oils. And yes, you should be brushing your long beard.

6. Suavecito’s pre-shave solution and beard serum
The pre-shave solution helps your razor blade glide over the skin easily, while the beard serum helps speed up the growing process. Experts at Ed’s Barber Shoppe recommend you massage a few drops of the vitamin-packed serum into your beard and face each night.

7. Beard oil
You can’t live without it. Really. Lucky for you, we have a comprehensive beard oil guide for you, completel with tips on how to apply it.

How to Grow: 4 Expert Tips for Growing Out Facial Hair

Facial hair pros on what to know before you grow.

Beard Maintenance2

Be the dude on the right. | Shutterstock.

“If you’re first starting to grow your beard, try to keep everything one length, trimming it all at once with clippers, not scissors.” –Andrew Sherman of The Duke Barber Co.

Shampoo twice a week at most. A lot of dryness is due to shampooing too often. Condition after every wash and use beard oil daily.” –George Hofmann of The Art of Shaving, Center City

Trim your neckline, tops of cheeks, and bottom of mustache at the top lip. Those three lines can make any beard look really sharp. For the neckline, either trim where the neck naturally creases, or up to an inch above that. Any lower, and it really draws the beard down onto your neck; any higher, and it can start to look like a chin strap.” –Sherman

Pray. If you don’t grow facial hair, it’s just not gonna happen.” –Joe Evearts of Ed’s Barber Shoppe, Fishtown