Shop Talk: The Foolproof Trick to Prevent Your Tights From Running

Read with coffee: The 5 style headlines you need to know this a.m.

  • We won’t say never throw away your stockings again, but we will say this super-simple trick will make your tights last longer. Simply soak and freeze your new pair before wearing them, and the fibers will strengthen and become more resistant to pulls. [PureWow]
  • Apparently you’ve been applying your concealer wrong . Here’s every skin prepping tip you’ll ever need to know (like how purplish dark circles call for yellow-toned concealer). Our first takeaway: You’re supposed to cover blemishes with concealer after you’ve applied your foundation, not before. Oops. [The Zoe Report]

  • JackThreads, a go-to site for flash sales on menswear brands, is reinventing itself as its own clothing brand. The company will still focus on providing casually cool items for men in their 20s and 30s, but JackThreads will now sell their own designs. The coolest part? They’ll debut a new product on their site every day. [Huffington Post]

  • Everyone’s got that classic, crisp white button-up in their closet. While we like a good staple, we love quirky ways to wear it even more. I present four non-boring ways to wear your button-up and look like a fashion-show-hopping babe. [Vogue]
  • There are tons of expensive products that promise clearer, more radiant skin, but what if all of your skin solutions were already in your fridge? Here are four blackhead busting at-home treatments put to the test, complete with recipes and reviews. [Byrdie]