Shop Talk: The Absolute Best Black Leggings for Fall

Read with coffee: Five fashion headlines to know this a.m.


Your new favorite fall pants ring in at only $135. | Aritzia.

  • I’ve found possibly the best black leggings ever: Aritzia’s black vegan leather ‘Daria’ leggings. The bad news: They sell out every season almost instantly, so buy them now. At $135, it’s the best purchase you’ll make all season. [Refinery29]
  • The folks over at Influenster surveyed over 40,000 people to determine the most popular Halloween costumes in each state. Apparently, Pocahontas is big in Georgia and Florida, Elsa still reigns supreme in North Carolina and mermaids are top in Pennsylvania. [Influenster]

  • Because the best costumes often come from movies, TV and viral moments, there’s this list of 13 great pop culture costume ideas. My favorites: Steve Jobs, Rihanna’s yellow Met Gala dress (good luck copying that one), and Cookie from ‘Empire.’ [Vogue]
  • Beauty tip of the day: The trick to making eyes look bigger is all about where you don’t apply mascaraLayering thick mascara on your outer lashes actually makes your eyes appear smaller and droopy. Try Sarah Jessica Parker’s method and only apply mascara to the middle of your upper and lower lashes for a wide-eyed look. [Allure]
  • Slinky slips and nighties are good in theory, unless you need some actual, you know, support. Here are 13 gorgeous nightgowns for women with larger chests, because those teensy satin triangle tops don’t cut it for women whose cups runneth over. [Elle]