Scout Salvage in Old City Closing to Make Room for Cool ‘Boutique Collective’

A bigger and better shop is coming to N3rd Street.


Before + after. | Photos via me (!) and N3rd Collective Instagram.

Scout Salvage is one of the quirkier stores along North 3rd Street (also called N3rd Street, a marketing move that reminds me of Pharrell’s band and this song, which – random Monday night fun fact! – has a music video featuring Randy Quaid. Who knew?). If you haven’t been there, think of a flea market/vintage shop, and check out my handy Instagram photo above. Cute, right? Well, it’s about to get even better. 

First, the bad news: Scout Salvage is technically closing. “I’ve been so fortunate with my storefront in Old City to have the problem of not being able to keep enough good vintage inventory,” said owner Elizabeth Cassel in an email. “My dream for this shop was to have a super cool vintage store. We sell so much so quickly, we have found that I alone can’t keep up with the quality of inventory that I would like to carry.” 

But here’s the good news: Her solution is to bring in more vendors, in a sort of boutique collective format, so that there will always be a plethora of top-notch products from small, local businesses. This week, Candelles, Hoof and Antler, Fresh Vintage and Old Blood Jewelry are moving in to the Scout shop. 

“I see it as a good opportunity to graduate from selling at markets and on Etsy to a real storefront to further build a brand. Hopefully a lot of folks learn that they can be successful in a shop of their own and we see a lot of the empty storefronts in Old City get new, cool tenants,” says Cassel. In the meantime, the new Scout – which will be called N3rd Collective – is soft-opening this Sunday. You can follow and shop it on Instagram, here.

Psst: Other vintage/handmade businesses are welcome; email for selling opportunities.

The Details: N3rd Collective, 21 North 3rd Street, Old City.