Shop Talk: How to Dress Like the Coolest Girl in Any Room

Read with coffee: The five style headlines you need to know this am.


Cool as a cucumber. | Images via Shutterstock [1] [2] [3].

  • Do you have that one friend/celeb girl crush whose sick style always stands out in a crowd? Turns out, it doesn’t take a ton of effort to look like the coolest chick in the room – all you need is a little moxie to follow this simple style rule: Break all the rules. Wear a short skirt when the dress code calls for long; be the sparkly embellished flats in a sea full of black stilettos; leather pants, thigh-highs and a big fur vest are always a good idea. [Marie Claire]
  • Get to know the three designers who are doing Native American-inspired goods right (finally, someone). Jessica Metcalfe makes a mean beaded, fringed handbag. Kristen Dorsey’s jewelry designs take “statement piece” to the next level. And finally, meet Bethany Yellowtail, who somehow combined elk teeth and appliqué to make the most gorgeous LBD of all time. No, seriously. [Style.Mic]

  • Breast deodorant? Face biscuits? I swear, the beauty industry makes us buy the craziest things. Check out the eight wackiest beauty products you kinda actually want to buy. (Admit it.) [The Fashion Spot]
  • Speaking of strange beauty products, have you seen this straightening hairbrush that will tame a head of curly hair in under two minutes? I would say it’s too good to be true, but the girl in this video makes me believe in miracles. [Tech Insider]
  • Although I will never ascribe to the notion that leather (faux or real) can ever be replaced, this article makes a strong case for it. The replacement? Coated denim for everyone! Fashion bloggers love it, so maybe it’s time to give it a shot. [Lucky Shops]