Store Openings: Minnow Lane, Fishtown’s Amazing New Eco-Friendly Baby Store

The neighborhood's new eco-lifestyle baby hub has arrived.

minnow lane3

How adorable is this place? | Images via Facebook.

This past Friday, Fishtown’s newest baby store, Minnow Lane, opened its doors. It’s the brainchild of Rebecca Brett, Rita Greiman and Julia Newbold, a trio of new moms who have lived in the neighborhood for years. Frustrated with having to truck across town to get the eco-friendly kid products they wanted, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

“Fishtown is changing, especially in the last two years, with lots of kids and new parents,” says Brett. “We wanted to provide a store in the area that fell in line with our eco-lifestyle. It’s an all-encompassing style of child-rearing that we want to support.” We got Brett to spill the details on the new venture — and we’re hooked.

The Philosophy:
“All of our products meet at least two of the following criteria: nontoxic, organic, sustainable and ethically made. It’s not a new idea. We’re just making it accessible to people in the neighborhood. Our goal is to create a community space to talk about these things.”

For Baby:
“The store is pretty evenly split between toys and clothing. We also carry teething and feeding products that contain zero plastic, and a large selection of cloth diapers. We do have some plastic toys made by Green Toys, but it’s all sustainably made using all recycled plastic. We carry Farm Buddies stuffed animals made with corn filler or organic cotton, as well as nursery mobiles handmade by local artists.”

For Parents:
“We have an apothecary section with lotions, essential oils, nipple creams and chap stick for new moms, which is so important during breastfeeding. We have wellness teas and lactation cookies, and a parenting book section with baby manuals and unique children’s books.”

Coming Soon:
“Look out for some classes hopefully starting in October, including cloth diapering instruction, childbirth classes and information sessions with child psychologists on development stages, appropriate toys for each age, CPR and Heimlich instruction, and baby-food making. Class topics stem from what we wanted when we were introduced to being new moms.”

Don’t Miss:
“We’ve got an after-dinner lullaby hour in the works, featuring musicians from the community playing an acoustic wind-down session that’s a little different than your average kids’ music hour. I mean, how many times can you go to those (kiddie music hours) – which are great in their own right – and still feel like there’s a part of you in there?”

The Details: Minnow Lane, 2029 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown, 215-291-1875.
Hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 11am to 5:30pm, and Sunday, 10am to 4pm.