Closet Dreams: This Queen Village Trinity Has an Entire Shoe Room — And It’s For Sale

See how one Philly woman stores 400 pairs of shoes in her Philly trinity.

shoe closet

Need this in my life. But first, more shoes. | Image via Keller Williams.

City apartments aren’t exactly known for their amazing storage, but we’ve found what is basically the unicorn of Philly closets: a Queen Village home — a trinity— with an entire room for shoes. Sure, the listing has other impressive details (an amazing location, exposed brick), but the standout feature is that shoe room, with three walls lined with cubbies. So, as devoted lifestyle journalists, we did some digging to find the previous owner of this listing so we could pick her brain about how much it cost, how long it took, how many shoes she has and, most important, why the heck she’s leaving.

Our search led us to Jeannie Corkery, the shoe addict and mastermind behind the impressive collection. She turned an unused bedroom into the half-bathroom/half-shoe closet of our dreams using one surprisingly simple product. (Details on that below). With over 250 pairs on display – and another hundred or so in storage – she’s sort of like Philly’s own Carrie Bradshaw, a woman who remembers sleeping with her saddle shoes under her pillow before her first day of school. Now that’s devotion.

How many shoes do you own?
“Over 400 pairs.”

What’s your favorite pair?
“I don’t have a favorite; that would be unfair. Thigh-high boots, vintage Fendi platforms from the ’70s, flip flops — I love them all.”

What size shoe are you?
“I’m a size 5 to 5.5, so if the shoe fits, I buy it in every color I like.”

What’s your secret to making a dream shoe closet?
“Thirty-dollar cubbies from Home Depot! It took about three months to install, and I did it on my own.” (Editor’s note: Find similar ones here!)

Why are you leaving such a perfect space?
“Work relocation to California.”

Do the shoe cubbies come with the house?
“I’m taking the cubbies, but would leave them if the buyer wants to purchase them with the home. The shoes are coming with me, though.”

The home, located at 228 Montrose Street and priced at $285,000, has been on the market for a very short time, so we suggest contacting the realtor ASAP if you’d like to realize your shoe closet dreams. Want to know more about what living in a trinity is like? Check this out now.