Labor Day PSA: Pennsylvania Ranked Second Most Wrinkle-Prone State in America (Eek!)

Pennsylvanians need to step up the skincare regimens.


Sun and stress can wreak havoc on skin. | Shutterstock.

Consider this a pre-Labor Day PSA: Wear your sunscreen! A recent study by RoC Skincare assessed every state in the county to find which has the worst skin per capita, and, well, Pennsylvania nabbed second place. Le sigh.

The study considered factors like air quality, stress levels, diet, sun exposure and average commute length. And it found that the only state more stressed, polluted and wrinkle-prone than we are is New York (as in global metropolis, the center of American commerce, home to the angriest drivers on earth …). Now that is saying something. (In case you were wondering, if you want baby-smooth skin, move to Alaska, which came in at number 51.)

Time and time again, skincare experts tell us that prevention is the most important, most inexpensive way to keep your skin looking youthful, tight and radiant. So, as we head into summer’s final hurrah this holiday weekend, be sure to layer on the SPF every two hours you spend in the sun. Baby steps, people.