Get a First Look at the New CoverGirl x Star Wars Makeup Line

In a galaxy far, far away, there was lipstick.

Confession: I sometimes get Star Wars and Star Trek confused. I know: Worst. American. Ever. But I do know this: Princess Leia is Star Wars, and it’s her style we all covet. (Those braids! That bra top!) Which is why it (sort of?) makes sense that CoverGirl is releasing a makeup collection with the franchise.

The collection is divided up into “Dark Side” and “Light Side” items, which I won’t even try to understand, but maybe you will. Mascara tubes have famous quotes from the movies on them, including “Immune to the light.” Okay.

The limited-edition line of lipsticks, nail polishes and mascara launches September 4th, and you can get an exclusive preview over at Allure. I will say that the nude and vampy dark purple lipsticks look fantastic. So, mark your calendars and live long and prosper.