Market Report: The Hair Color Mistake That’s Making You Look Older

The style headlines to kick off the week.


The wrong hair color can be seriously aging. | Shutterstock.

  • Blonder doesn’t always mean better. Turns out, going too light can actually make you look much older than you actually are. Here’s why. [PopSugar]
  • The iconic Chuck Taylor shoe (which is nearly 100 years old!) is getting an update for the first time ever. While the kicks look similar to the originals, the new design features a padded tongue, increased arch support, more durable canvas and a breathable, perforated suede lining. They’ll hit shelves on July 28th. [CNN]
  • My pet peeve: cheap hotel pens, which are so easy to hoard. Same goes for restaurant matchbooks (except for the ones from Parc) and plastic hangers. Here’s a list of the eight home items you need to throw out now. Clutter, be gone! [Refinery29]

  • Shoe czar Manolo Blahnik is launching his first handbag line, a collection of satin evening clutches heavily embellished with Swarovski crystals set to launch at the end of the month. They’re painfully gorgeous. (Painful because priced at close to $2,000.) [British Vogue]
  • Speaking of handbags, the latest accessories trend is the ‘double bag.’ Nope, not something you request at the grocery store. Yep, we’re telling you to carry two purses. But it might not be as insane as it sounds. Here’s how — and why — to do it. [Elle]