Two Chic Ways to Wear Summer’s Best Shirt, the Wawa Tee

A guide to getting and wearing Wawa gear.

A Wawa shirt can be worn during the day and night |

Wawa gets fancy.

There are two indisputable facts about Philadelphians: They are fiercely loyal to their sports teams and they are devoted to Wawa (see: Wawa tattoos). If you’re a fan of the latter, then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can actually buy a Wawa shirt online. Consider Wawa clothing a less permanent way to show your love for the chain than actually getting inked.

A Wawa shirt might not scream chic — at first. But with a bit of craftiness and some savvy styling, you can make a great outfit. Case in point: my own “I love Wawa” tee, a gift from a friend. It was initially a bit boxy, a shirt made for sleeping, so I hacked off the bottom eight inches. Voilá: a cheeky, not cheesy, tee.

Want your own? Here, some tips on how to incorporate the world’s best convenience store into your wardrobe.

Where to get Wawa gear:

  • Ebay is your best bet. (This 2011 Wawa Hoagie Fest blue tie-dye T-shirt, $15, is a timely buy, as we’re in the middle of 2015 Hoagie Fest.) Simply search the term “Wawa shirt” on Ebay.

How to style your Wawa shirt:
So how do you prevent your Wawa shirt from getting buried in the bottom of your drawer? When it comes to pulling off your tribute to Wawa, it’s all about mixing the old with the new, the iconic with the alternative.

Ladies should try tucking the traditional Wawa T-shirt into a slim-fitting skirt, this Tibi’s black-and-white striped skirt ($275) and a splashy heel, like Sophia Webster’s glitter lace-up sandal (now $357 from $650).

For a more casual take, consider the vintage Hoagie Fest tie-dye T-shirt. Take the end of your top and tie into a knot (like this) and pair it with a  Zara denim mini skirt ($40), Belle By Sigerson Morrison knee-high gladiator sandals ($495) and a yellow Proenza Schouler PS1 pouch ($1,325) for a fool-proof Made In America Festival outfit.

Tip: Try not to walk around with a Wawa plastic bag while wearing a Wawa tee. Remember, you’re a fan — not a mascot.