Style Science: People Who Wear Skinny Jeans Are Happier and More Confident

Bad news for my bell-bottom-loving self.


The skinnier your jeans, the happier you are? | Shutterstock.

I think I’m a pretty happy and relatively confident person, but science would claim otherwise: According to a new study, women who wear skinny jeans are happier and more confident than those who stick to wider-cut denim. That means that I — devout bell-bottom wearer until probably the end of time —  might have some soul-searching to do. But can the cut of your jeans really point to your happiness level?

A survey by Qualtrics found that people who prefer skinny jeans are nine percent more likely to be happy and 12 percent more likely to be confident. I guess I can understand this: Those who are confident — especially with their bodies — would want to wear tighter, more form-fitting things, instead of shrouding “problem areas.” (I don’t love my very short, surprisingly muscular legs, so maybe that’s in some part the reason I steer clear of second-skin pants.) But the theory can also work in reverse: When everyone else is wearing skinny jeans, I feel confident enough to wear super-flares, even when they aren’t a trending style. 

More stats: People who wear skinny jeans are more likely to: use PCs instead of Apple products; sit in aisle seats on planes (truth! my skinny-jean-wearing friend loves the aisle; I’m a window-sitter); live in small cities and  ride motorcyles. One thing my fellow flare-lovers and I can boast? We’re 7 percent more likely to recycle. (Ha!)

Check out the video below for more interesting stats, and then think hard about which pair you’ll wear tomorrow.