Shop Sixty Five Opens an Online Store (And Lets You Easily Calculate Cost Per Wear)

Good news for those who can't make it out to Gladwyne or Doylestown.


Some of the brick-and-mortar’s online offerings.

Shop Sixty Five, the Doylestown fashion stalwart, is branching out: First, owner Linda LaRosa Bidlo opened a Glawyne outpost back in 2013, and now the boutique has launched an online store via Shoptiques.

The collection right now is small — only 16 items are available — but it’s worth taking a spin over there (do so here!) to check it out. My picks: an architectural Halston Heritage cocktail dress, a dreamy wrap top by IRO, and a Raquel Allegra frayed-edge tie-dye tee. Tip: Use online code SHOPNOW to get $10 your purchase until May 31st.

My favorite part of the store’s new online shopping interface: a tool that lets you easily calculate cost per wear (because you know you already do this in your head anyway). Put in the price of an item, the average number of times you think you’ll wear it, and it’ll calculate how much you’re really getting out of your purchase. (One cool fact you’ll notice: On average, an LBD has an 11-year lifespan and will be worn more than 140 times. In short: Just click ‘purchase.’)