Your Insider Guide to the Best Vendors at Art Star Craft Bazaar

We asked Art Star co-founder Megan Brewster for her expert picks.


Prime picks (from left): Emiko Shinozaki jewelry, Zola wall planters, Christina Kosinski ceramics, Fount bags and Marcella Kriebel illustrations.

If you haven’t yet been to one of Art Star’s beloved Craft Bazaars, make a point to go there this weekend. (Tip: It could make for a fun mother-daughter outing for Mother’s Day!) Now in its twelfth year, the juried outdoor market features over 150 local and national artisans.

The selection is impressive —but also a tad overwhelming, especially for first-time shoppers. So who better to be your guide than one of the bazaar’s founders? I got Art Star co-founder Megan Brewster to give me the skinny on the 10 vendors she’s most excited to see and shop this time around. Keep reading for her picks, and then shop them this weekend at Penn’s Landing Great Plaza (11am to 6pm both days, rain or shine; get more details here). Happy bazaar-ing! 

Christina Kosinski
“We have a ton of really amazing potters this year and I went to school for ceramics, so it’s my favorite medium.  I love Christina’s line of pottery — big handles, drippy bright glazes against a neutral clay body — YUM!”

“A fellow Tyler School of Art Grad who is doing lighting (and jewelry). We never had many vendors who made lighting, but this year we have three.  I love her organic design — never saw anything like it before.”

Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry
“We scouted her out at a show in NYC, so we are really excited she is participating. Her line of jewelry is so incredibly well-crafted that it is kind of hard to believe that it is handmade, but it is! I love the layered hexagon shapes that make up each of her pieces.”

“Impeccably crafted leather handbags and accessories. Timeless design and  high-quality craftsmanship make for goods that will last many lifetimes.”

jq loves u
“Her clothing looks like it would be really comfy and flattering on most body types.  I am really interested in checking out the dresses.”

Marcella Kriebel Illustration
“Beautiful watercolors of different foods. I’m especially interested in checking out her illustrated cookbook — I think any of her things would make a great Mother’s Day gift!”

My Audio Tree 
“Handmade acoustic iPhone speakers, handcrafted from wood. We’ve never had anything like this at the bazaar before.”

New Antlers Illustration
“Dreamy silkscreen prints of animals and nature.”

Zola Jewelry 
“Bold, colorful, geometric shapes make up her line of wall planters and jewelry. And of course I love how she combines ceramic pieces with metal.”

Paradigm Gallery
“One of my favorite galleries in Philadelphia will be set up and representing some of my favorite Philadelphia artists like Caitlin McCormack and Kelly Kozma!”