Market Report: 5 Steps to Totally Concealing a Blemish

How to cover a zit without piling on the pancake makeup.


Your emergency blemish cover-up plan. | Shutterstock.

  • Consider these the five commandments of concealing a zit: primer, foundation, concealer, powder … and a spoon. [Byrdie]
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  • A peek inside Brooklyn-based Bindle & Keep, a company that crafts gorgeous bespoke (and androgynous) suits for the LGBTQ community. [Styleite]

  • Have you grown out of your PINK stage? You and the rest of the world. Victoria’s Secret is in a serious struggle right now to maintain its relevance. [Business Insider]
  • Despite its high-volume, fast-fashion model, which is inherently not eco-friendly, H&M is trying really hard to minimize its environmental impact. But what are they hiding? [Quartz]