Here Is Your Game Plan for Lilly Pulitzer for Target’s Sunday Launch

Expert advice to make sure you score the best stuff.

Image via Target

Prepare to shop. | Image via Target.

Where there is Lilly, there is shopping chaos. (Seriously, the brand’s fans are die-hard.) And anyone who has been following the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration news knows there has been no shortage of drama surrounding the announcement (think angry sorority girls and rightfully pissed plus-size ladies). While most of the commotion has dissipated, there’s still tons of excitement surrounding the massive 250-piece release. The collection is set to debut this Sunday and — just like with Lilly’s infamous warehouse sales — there is strategy involved to score the best stuff.

Here, our best tips and tricks for maneuvering the in-store and online debut: 

1. Input your credit card information now.

If you plan on shopping the collab online, we suggest creating a Target account before Sunday. That way, you’ll be logged in and ready to click ‘add to cart’ on release day. Expedite your shopping trip even more by pre-saving your shipping addresses and preferred payment methods by going to, logging in, and adding your default information under ‘My Account Information.’

2. Know what you want first by pre-shopping the lookbook.

With any limited-edition shopping event, you can’t waste time perusing the selection. Luckily, the entire collection is available in lookbook format here. Whittle down the 250 pieces to your must-haves now, turn on your tunnel vision and zero in on them as soon as you get online/arrive at the store. Remember: No plus size items will be available in-store.

3. Place orders as you go.

If you have your eyes on any of the punchy shift dresses or classic prints, we can guarantee those pieces will be the first to go. Place those items in your cart first and check out immediately to increase your chances of snagging the goods. Then go back for any items you were wavering on, and submit a second order for these.

4. Get there early. 

We chatted with store associates at King of Prussia and Malvern Targets and, surprisingly, got word that they’re not expecting anyone to camp out for the release. So while you might not need to pitch a tent, we do suggest getting there prior to opening time, at least by 15 to 30 minutes. Most stores open at 8am, but you can check your location’s opening time here.

5. While you’re at it, shop online early, too.

According to Racked, “launch time will be between midnight and 2am CST.” So that’s between 1am and 3am here. Get your Red Bulls ready.

Don’t forget:  It’s shopping, everyone. So let’s play nice and not run anyone over with a red cart, ‘kay?