Celebrate Opening Day With These Awesome Chiara Ferragni Sneakers

Ballpark food + glitter = awesomeness.


Opening Day kicks. | Image via Shopbop.

It’s officially time for another baseball season, and as we wait for the first pitch (for the Phils, that’s today at 3:05pm at Citizens Bank Park, where they’ll face off against the Red Sox) we might as well do some online shopping. And the best way I’ve found to fete Opening Day is with a pair of these slip-ons, as they are basically glittery odes to the concession stand. 

The kicks are by style blogger Chiara Ferragni (you might know her as The Blonde Salad), and they retail for $287 at Shopbop (you can buy them here here). Though I’d normally bristle at blogger-turned-designer products, I’m smitten with these. And why not? They combine some of the best things in life — so-bad-it’s-good ballpark food and glitter — and roll them up into one comfortable, easy-wearing pair.

Dare I call them pitch-perfect?