Charlotte Olympia’s Latest Shoe Collection Is Totally Customizable!

Think 52 leather stickers.

Image via Net-a-Porter

Image via Net-a-Porter

Smoking loafers are a bit of a favorite here at Shoppist HQ (see here and here). And with good reason: They’re a playful spin on a luxe classic. There are tons of iterations of the style out there, but none with the customizability of Charlotte Olympia‘s (yep, the brains behind the kitty flat) new ABC capsule collection. 

The collection, exclusively available at Net-a-Porter and as of yesterday, is completely customizable and comes equipped with 52 leather stickers to transform your shoes: one sticker for each letter of the alphabet along with a corresponding badge (i.e. “C is for champagne”). How it works: Select a base calfskin slipper (pink and black are available via Charlotte Olympia and black, cream and burgundy are available at Net-a-Porter), consult their whimsical “The Charlotte Olympia Guide to Accessorising,” select which stickers you want to adorn your shoes (be careful, they’re non-transferrable) and saunter away with your chic, cheeky shoes. Bonus: you’ll have a ton of stickers left over, prompting an insanely fun DIY project. (We’re picturing a stellar leather tote.)

Charlotte Olympia’s quirky shoes have a tendency to become cult favorites quick (remember those astrology flats?), so if you’re already swooning over these loafers, place your order stat. We have an inkling these are going to sell out quickly.