Your Answer to Online Shopping: Fishbox, Philly’s New Package Delivery Service

Yep, online shopping just got easier.

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

Here at Philly Mag HQ, it’s commonplace for staffers to have packages delivered to the office in lieu of their homes. Reasons for such include: It’s where we’re stationed between 9am and 5pm (UPS’s preferred delivery period) and it’s safer than having parcels waiting out on the stoop all day. And after far too many ‘Sorry we missed you!’ notices completely negating that $20.95 overnight shipping fee we shelled out, we think our precautions are justified. That is, until the debut of Fishtown’s newest delivery service, Fishbox.

Brainchild of local entrepreneur Napolean Suarez, Fishbox is a hassle-free delivery service that gets you your packages exactly when you want them (i.e. not ‘maaaaybe between 10am and 2pm). Simply sign up for Fishbox via their site, use the specified address and box number and your packages will be delivered to their secure facility. Then, you’ll receive a text indicating its arrival and all you have to do is set up a time and place to procure your package. Philadelphia Business Journal writes: “Payment is automatic, as they will have already entered their credit card information, and no tip is necessary.” It’ll cost you either “$5 per delivery or $50 per month for unlimited delivery.” Fishbox, feeding your Amazon addiction one delivery at a time.

Packages are delivered between 6pm and 10pm Monday through Friday and between 10am and 2pm on the weekend. For now, they’re only delivering to Northern Liberties and Fishtown (check out their service map here) with hopes of expanding. Interested? The company isn’t in full force quite yet, but you can sign up for their beta version here and never have to lug Zappos boxes past your boss’s office again.