The 15 Fashion And Lifestyle Pinterests You Need To Follow Right Now

Pinterest addiction is real. And these pinners are making it all possible.


Hello, inspiration!

Pinterest has taken the blogging world by storm, and is also probably single-handedly keeping A.C. Moore in business, as enthusiastic DIYers desperately try to copy the things they’ve seen on various boards. But the site can be overwhelming and confusing for newcomers, so we’re making it easy to dip your toe into the phenomenon. Here, 15 of the best fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home pinners you need to follow right now. (Oh, and while you’re at it, follow us, why don’t you?)

Pinner: Occasionette
Location: Philadelphia
What You’ll Love: This Philly-based boutique goes digital with amazing boards that look exactly like the crafty-cool store. You’ll find adorable decorations for birthday parties, gift ideas and DIY projects.
Go Here For: Entertaining and party ideas.


Party ideas from Occasionette’s Pinterest board.

Pinner: Stephen & Shauna
Location: Philadelphia
What You’ll Love: The married duo behind Philly-based Forage Haberdashery and new venture Seedhouse Stationers curates a Pinterest page with a focus on lifestyle and home decor, and a healthy dose of awesome baby gear, trinkets, toys and nursery things. (They have a toddler and a newborn.)
Our favorite board: Shauna’s board called “Stephen, these are the things I might buy for you. (Maybe.)

Pinner: Christine Martinez Loya
Oakland, CA
What You’ll Find: 
Her 62 perfectly organized boards cover everything, from non-traditional holiday decor and dog accessories to gifts under $50 and great books.
Best Board: “Interiors I dream of,” 1,022 photos of absolutely gorgeous rooms.

Pinner: Bekka Palmer
Location: Brooklyn, NY
What You’ll Love: 
Her DIY board is out of this world. Plus, she has a board specifically dedicated to ice cream.
Go here for: An incredible “Beauty and Hair” board, which will give you enough ideas for the rest of the year. (See below.)

A pin found on their "Hair and Beauty" board.

A pin found on Bekka Palmer’s “Hair and Beauty” board.

Pinner: Carrie Hampton
Columbus, OH
What You’ll Love: 
She has a board named “Beautiful Men” … need we say more? But really, her 111 boards cover it all, from food to decorating to fashion to beauty to kids.
Don’t Miss: Her “Wee Poppets” board is filled with the cutest-ever pics of babies and little tots. Check it out for cool outfit ideas for the wee ones.

Pinner: Eat. Sleep. Wear.
Los Angeles, CA / New York City, NY
What You’ll Love: 
A board all about how to organize everything in your home. Plus more than 5,000 pins on outfits that you need in your closet right now.

Pinner: Mrs. French
What You’ll Love: 
Separate boards dedicated to separate elements of every outfit. (Like boards for boots, hats, underpinnings and jewelry.)
Our Favorite Board: “I want to sit here,” a collection of seating areas and nooks that you’ll want to recreate.  

Pinner: Kate Arends 
Minneapolis, MN
What You’ll Love:  
Beautifully organized boards for e v e r y t h i n g.


Accessories! Pins from Kate Arends’s “Baubles” board.

Pinner: F I G + S A L T
Melbourne, Australia
What You’ll Love: 
A board of almost one thousand pins filled with fun things to fill your house with, like cool wooden spoons and tea kettles. Plus: men’s style, table settings, kid’s parties and cool tattoo ideas.
Check Out Now: Her Easter board, filled with the cutest ideas for Easter brunch, baskets, egg-dyeing, and more.

Pinner: Katie Armour
Chicago, IL
What You’ll Love: 
Her Hair & Beauty board perfectly highlights beauty trends for the current season.
Don’t Miss: Her landscaping board, which is filled with inspiration for yards big or small.

The perfect red lip. Pin found on her 'Hair and Beauty' board.

The perfect red lip. Pin found on Katie Armour’s ‘Hair and Beauty’ board.

Pinner: WhoWhatWear
Los Angeles, CA
What You’ll Love: 
Their Tips & Tricks board is jam-packed with sneaky style tricks to make sure you nail your style, every time.

Pinner: Harper’s Bazaar 
New York City, NY
What You’ll Love: 
“Best Of” boards broken up into seasons. Perfection.
Go Here For: Early morning outfit inspiration. Click through their “Street Style” board to get ideas for the day’s look.

Pinner: StyleCaster
New York, NY
What You’ll Love: 
A “Style 101” board that’s filled with pins about how to perfect different trends. This board is a lifesaver.

Pinner: Joy Cho
Los Angeles, CA
What You’ll Love:
With more than 13 million followers, former Philadelphian Joy Cho’s page is the hub of all things whimsical, adorable, giftable and pastel. Bonus: a board devoted to cool doors (called “A-door-able,” naturally), and a board called “Dressing The Bump,” which is perfect for moms-to-be who are navigating the scary maternity world.
Our Favorite Board: “For The Home,” which is brimming with home inspiration (those with kids will find great ideas for decorating children’s rooms).


Doors, floors and rooms to covet, all in Joy Cho’s Pinterest boards.

Pinner: Ideas to Steal
Oslo, Norway
What You’ll Love: 
Focused mainly on home, decor, and office, this Pinterest gives you incredibly easy but life-changing tips on giving your house a makeover.
Don’t Miss: The “Color” board, which offers inspiring ways to use color in a bold, fresh way. (Um, this.)