Septum Piercings: How to Wear It and Why We Love It

Plus, the most popular piercings in Philly.

Edgy and chic or too much? | Image via The Fashion Tag

 Image via The Fashion Tag.

Facial piercings are often just outside of mainstream fashion, save for the occasional nose hoop or eyebrow piercing. (Side note: Please stop with the latter, I beg you.) But in the past few years — perhaps spurred by the Met’s Costume Institute 2013 punk exhibit — the fashion world has embraced them. Now Givenchy models are taking to the runway sporting multiple facial accessories, and celebrities of all sorts are piercing their noses and rocking dozens of hoops that snake up their ears. It’s official: The piercing is back. And right now, no piercing is more in-style than the septum ring. But will you wear one?

According to Dustin of Infinite Body Piercings in Queen Village (this is where Shoppist editor Emily Goulet and Philadelphia Wedding editor Carrie Denny go for their piercings), septum piercings are their most popular service. Apart from septums, he noted, Philadelphians are also frequently asking for regular ol’ nose piercings and the tragus piercing (the cartilage at the front of the ear canal).

So, how to rock the septum piercing when you’re not in the punk scene (or, you know, have an office job)? Keep it small and dainty, like Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Zoë Kravitz. This is simple — dare we say sort of classic? — and works with looks both edgy and refined. Feeling bolder? Check out Rihanna‘s look. But leave this look at home (or Coachella), please.