How to Get Kim Kardashian’s Platinum Blonde Hair in Philly

Two of Philly's best colorists weigh in.

Images via Shutterstock and InStyle

Fifty shades of K. | Images via Shutterstock and InStyle

In this week’s Kardashian news, Kim K has gone blonde — cool, platinum, nearly-white blonde. And though reactions to the color swap are mixed (Miley Cyrus is not impressed), you have to admit: the colorist did a darn good job. There’s minimal breakage and the color is uniform and dimensional — not an easy feat when coloring the locks of someone known for her espresso-hued tresses. So, in case you’re digging the look and feel ready to channel your inner Scandinavian, we checked in with two of the best local colorists to get the scoop on going bleach-blonde in Philly. Trust us, this is something you want to leave to the professionals. 

“It’s a lot of processes, and a lot of processing time,” says Architeqt’s bold color guru Brittiany Cunningham when I asked her what goes into bleaching near-black hair. She added that Frederic Mennetrier, the guy behind the look, likely used a super-low-intensive lightener and a lot of wait time to get the hair to reach its desired shade. Rosa Martinez, owner of Narbeth’s Salon Rosa M, agrees: “It could be done in one day, but it would take hours.”

What both hair stylists agree on is the addition of Olaplex, a miracle reparative and preventative product that negates damage and allows salon-goers to go super-light with minimal breakage. Both salons offer the product as an inexpensive add-on and champion its necessity when making major color changes (like going pastel for spring).

However, once you score white-blonde tresses, you need to consider the upkeep. Cunningham says that roots need to be done every four to six weeks. “Maintenance is key,” she says. And, as always, never ever try to replicate the look at home. It’s a recipe for a brassy orange disaster.