This Is the New Cool-Girl Manicure to Get Now

Ten ultra-chic takes on the minimalist mani.

Yesterday we told you all about the elaborate nail art that took over some runways at New York Fashion Week. It was bold, dangly, in-your-face stuff. Perfect for a fashion show, less wearable in real life.

The best nail trend we’re seeing now is the minimalist manicure. It’s the perfect foil to an over-the-top outfit, and it also is the ideal complement to more monochromatic looks. Here, 10 so-chic minimalist manis that we’re dying to try.

1. Hint of gold.



2. Peek-a-boo black.



3. Polka dot.

4. Black wedges.

5. Gold half moon & tips.

6. Geometric black and silver.

7. Simple white lines.

8. Raspberry and white.

9. Hidden gold.

10. Easy black line.