This Is What “Rich Girl” Hair Looks Like

Forget the beach waves.

Jason Wu, image via Instagram; Rachel Comey fall/winter 2015.

Jason Wu fall/winter 2015, image via Instagram; Rachel Comey fall/winter 2015.

I stumbled across this while doing my morning blog skims: a post on The Cut in which writer Kathleen Hou determined that the latest hair trend is “rich girl” hair. She coined the term after seeing the backstage beauty prep at the fall/winter 2015 shows. Stylists were curling hair in a seemingly half-hearted way — dividing hair into uneven sections, not waiting until a section achieved a bouncy spiral before pulling the curling iron.

The finished product was hardly what you’d think “rich-girl hair” looks like (to me, this is a picture-perfect, sleek blowout — the height of style, maybe not, but a resolutely chic look anyway). Still, it’s easy to achieve, and it brings a level of effortlessness to your look. 

One way to get the look: Curl your hair as your normally would, sleep on it, and lightly smooth it the next day. You don’t want it messy, and curls should be just a tad lank. Go here for GIFs, and save your blowout money for something else (maybe a pair of stress-relieving accupressure socks?).