10 Men on What They Really Want for Valentine’s Day

If you ask 100 men what they want for Valentine’s Day, I guarantee you at least 75 will say ‘Nothing.’ Or, ‘I don’t need anything.’  Or something X-rated. So we set out to uncover what guys really want for themselves. We asked around — friends, colleagues, husbands, boyfriends — and forced them to choose something they wanted.

Our initial suspicions were correct: About 50 percent said they wanted nothing; the other 50 asked if it could be something sexual (we said no). After a lot of cajoling and pestering, we have compiled the near-impossible: the secret gift wish lists of 10 guys. (And then we found great options for each.) Happy shopping.

“Liquor cabinet accoutrements. Or just booze.” — Jack, 27

Get him: A [1] book about whiskey, complete with recipes ($27.95, get it here); a sleek bar tool set ($29.95, get it here), or a beer of the month club (from $39.95 a month; one of the best ones is here).

“A [6] great blazer for me to wear out to Vetri, where I should be taken for dinner.” — Victor, 40

Get him: This lightweight blue jacket ($469, get it here). Oh, and you can get reservations here — though be forewarned: Valentine’s Day is all booked.

“A Fitbit Surge.” — Brian, 41

Get him: Well, this is easy. Buy it [4] here.

“Since it’ll still be months before it’s warm enough to play outside, I want my girlfriend (who doesn’t like golf) to go play a round with me on a virtual course at the indoor golf arena in Malvern. With my favorite six pack.” — Mike, 33

Get him: A chance to play at some of the best golf courses in the world — St. Andrews, Pebble Beach — at Malvern’s virtual golf arena,  Play-a-Round Golf. Get more info here.

“Flyers tickets.” — Jeremy, 36

Get him: [5] Tickets to a Wells Fargo game — maybe for the Saturday after V-Day? (Prices vary, get tickets here.)

“Boots that are durable in the snow and that I can wear to work. Or nice cigars and cigar accessories.” — Felipe, 23

Get him: A [2] cigar sampler ($67.95, get it here), or these [3] waterproof Cole Haan boots ($248, get them here).

“A really good knife-sharpening set. I’m a culinary man who’s losing his edge.” — Malcolm, 25

Get him: This six-piece Sharpton starter set ($175, get it here).

“A nice pair of dress shoes. The frozen/salted/melted/refrozen tundra of Elkins Park has done a number on my dress shoes, and I need a new pair to go dancing in. Just kidding. No dancing.” — Jamie, 40

Get him: You can’t go wrong with a classic wing tip, especially J. Crew’s Ludlow style ($318, get it here).

“Great-grandchildren!” — Joe, 87 (Psst: See Joe kissing his bride of 66 years here.)

Get him: You heard the man. Joe’s grandkids: Get cracking.

“A bar/cocktail cart.” — Art, 45

Get him: One with mid-century lines ($349, here), one with old-school leanings ($2,695, here), or one that’s classic ($599, here).

And, just for good measure:

“A Hulkbuster Iron Man.” — Joey, 5

Get him: Holy crap. This thing is $168! Buy it here.

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