A Day in the Life of Jewelry King Steven Lagos

The founder and designer of Philly-based jewelry company LAGOS shares his favorite things.

The life of Steven Lagos is a whirlwind. The founder and designer of Philly-based jewelry company LAGOS has a home here, another in New York, and he spends part of the year in Thailand. (Proof of his constant flurry of activity: He’s racked up seven million frequent-flier miles.)

We wrangled the jewelry designer — he’s designed 10,000 pieces in his career! — and got him to spill the details on his day, share a few of his favorite things, and crack open his sketchbooks. Here, a peek into his fabulous life.

day in the life

All photos by Courtney Apple.

“I’m an early riser. I get up around 5:30 in the morning. I work a lot. The actual process of designing is done during a two-week period four to six times a year. We do about 500 new (1) jewelry designs a year.

“I have hundreds of (2) sketchbooks, scraps of paper, hotel stationery, napkins that I have jotted ideas on. Lately I’ve been carrying a Samsung Galaxy phone that has a stylus and sketchpad program. I still love paper, though. It’s funny — I go from writing on paper from Motel 6 to stationery from the Ritz-Carlton.

“On Saturdays, you can find me at Reading Terminal Market with my daughter Kate. We’ve been going since she was two years old. She’s 23 now.

“I use Kiehl’s Facial Fuel every day, and La Mer eye balm. I’m pretty metro. I’m not afraid to go up to the makeup counter.

“It’s easier for me to have a uniform — I wear jeans and a shirt every day. I live in Thailand part of the year and have all my clothes made there. The tailoring over there is legendary.

“I love (3) Café La Maude in Northern Liberties. Great breakfast and coffee. Try the oatmeal!

“I’m a steak lover, so I love Barclay Prime. The decor and feel of the room is inviting and cozy. I also like Amada and (4) Tinto for tapas and drinks.

“I’m a collector and have eclectic taste. I have some amazing antiquities from my travels in Asia, including a (5) Chinese ceramic horse from the Tang Dynasty. I also collect (6) original French fashion drawings from the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s. It’s a lost art.

“I love taking people to the Barnes for the first time. The story of Dr. Barnes is so amazing, and the collection is so deep and well put together.

“I don’t wear much jewelry personally, though I dress thousands of others every day. I wear my jewels vicariously through my clients.”