Market Report: How To Get the Most Out of Your Skincare Products

The benefits of double-cleansing.

  • Korean beauty expert Charlotte Cho weighs in on how to make your skincare products more effective (like how much product to use and how to layer them). [Lucky]
  • Scoop up your Swift goods stat. Taylor Swift‘s lawyers are asking Etsy shop owners to remove items that allegedly violate trademarks. (Yes, even “this sick beat.”) [Buzzfeed]

  • Everyone knows a good red lipstick can negate the need for whitening strips, but do you opt for a blue-based red or an orange-hued variety? Here, the lipstick colors that make teeth look whiter.  [Elle]
  • In preparation for the frigid weekend, have a chuckle over which vibes you give out based on your outerwear. (I’m an unabashed “Seven-Layer-Cake.”) [Man Repeller]


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