Yup, Freezing Your Tights Actually Helps Them Last Longer

Why it works.


These belong in the freezer. No, seriously. | Shutterstock.

Frozen pizza, bags of peas and ice cubes are probably things you can find in your freezer right now. What’s most likely not there? A pack of tights. But putting hosiery in the freezer is actually a brilliant style hack that can save you money, time and embarrassing stocking runs.

Here’s how it works: The cold temps keep the individual fibers of the tights firm, which prevents runs from starting. To make your tights super-durable, run them under water until they’re damp, put them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight. In the morning, take them out, and let them defrost and dry at room temperature. It’s a once-and-done deal; do it one time and you’re good to go.

Along with sub-zero temperatures, a few more things can help make your tights last longer. Buy them a size bigger than you usually wear so they don’t overstretch; opt for opaque tights instead of sheer; and spend the extra $5 on a better-quality pair. (Hint: Stay away from cheapo drug store brands.)

Found a run as you’re dashing for the door? Don’t fret! Spray hairspray over and around the tear or run some clear nail lacquer over the run to prevent it from getting bigger. Now the ripped-stocking look can stay on stage with Ke$ha, where it belongs.