Market Report: Why Makeup Wipes Are Just as Bad as Not Washing Your Face

The gross truth.

  • Makeup wipes don’t actually cleanse your face. They actually just smear around dirt and debris. Gross. [Refinery29]
  • Want to look instantly tanner? Choose one of these 10 nail polishes, which create maximum contrast to your skin, giving you the appearance of a summer glow—even in the dead of winter. [Cosmopolitan]
  • A warning to people buying/selling fake Beyoncé goods on Etsy: Beyoncé will sue you. [TMZ]

  • Pastel hair isn’t going anywhere, but it’s a tough, hair-damaging road for dark-haired girls. Here’s how to do it without totally ruining your hair. [Beauty High]
  • What the heck do you wear when it’s freezing cold outside? Here are 30 crazy-chic ideas. [StyleCaster]


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