Market Report: The 3 Ways You’re Unknowingly Ruining Your Jewelry

Plus: Katy Perry's Super Bowl looks, super-techy pixel hair and a gender-neutral retail concept coming from London.

  • Tarnished metals, be gone! These are the four unexpected ways you’re ruining your jewelry. [WhoWhatWear]
  • We couldn’t tell you who won the Super Bowl, but we do know Katy Perry had four different outfit changes last nightand rode in on a lion. See ’em all here. [The Cut]
  • After a looong year of ombré, is pixel hair the new tress trend? [Buzzfeed]

  • Selfridges is set to debut a gender-neutral retail concept, which will be “a fashion exploration of the masculine, the feminine and the interplay … found in between.” Interesting! [WWD]
  • Paris Hilton cleaned out her closet. It’s basically organization porn. [Lucky]


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