Market Report: Are Cryotherapy Machines the Answer to Wrinkles?

Turns out the super-cold tanks have beauty benefits.

  • What burns 800 calories, improves sleep, boosts the immune system and smooths wrinkles? A cryotherapy machine. Yep, a -264 degree chamber.[Refinery29]
  • Here’s the truth about those Kendall and Kylie Jenner for Topshop rumors. [Vogue]
  • Timberland has decided to nix its collaboration with A.P.C. after a designer used racial slurs. [Fashionista]

  • Curly-hair girls, try out one of these 6 made-for-you hair color trends. (Can we talk about that gray?!)  [Refinery29]
  • Your strapless bra will never slip again with this super-easy trick. [WhoWhatWear]


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