The Rumor Mill: Zara on Walnut Street Is Closing For a Very, Very Long Time

Store to undergo a major renovation.


Zara on Walnut Street. | Photo via Google.


A tipster emailed to let me know of a startling change to the Walnut retail scene (and, no, it’s not just the Coach closure). Apparently, the Rittenhouse Zara (1715 Walnut Street) will be closing in March for eight months to undergo a serious renovation.

While the store manager insisted that those at the store level were unaware of this, my tipster—a former Zara employee—said that all employees have been offered severance packages for their March 1st departure.

This isn’t unheard of: Back in 2012, the Zara outpost on 34th Street in New York closed without warning and remained closed for months. In 2014, a Zara in Houston also suddenly closed last March for at least seven months for a renovation. (So long, spring/summer shopping.) In September, the New York Daily News interviewed a Zara employee whose hours had been cut down by 30 percent; she quit after the store closed for a renovation.

Calls and emails to the corporate public relations department have not yet been confirmed. But I’d advise Zara fans not to wait for a public announcement or confirmation. Stock up while you can, or prepare for a drive: The next closest Zara locations are in Edison, New Jersey, and New York.