Weird Things You Can Buy Online: A $1,150 Kale Necklace

Matters of taste.


Trendy vegetables.

Kale is a divisive leafy vegetable. Our very own health and fitness editor, Emily Leaman—who subsists on GOOP-ish levels of nutritious stuff—admitted that she hated it over on Be Well Philly, an admission that’s akin to a fashion editor proclaiming she hates Céline.

What’s probably also divisive: this fancypants ‘kale’ necklace. It’s by Khai Khai, a New York-based line from Haim Medine (yep, same Medine as Leandra; he’s the Man Repeller’s brother).

The necklace is 18K gold with 0.70 carats of tsavorites. It’s also $1,150. So if you take your trendy veggies very seriously, and have one-thousand-one-hundred-and-fifty spare bucks to spend on a vegetable accessory, well, this is the necklace for you. Also you should look into poop shoes.

Buy it here.