Market Report: 7 Tips For Replacing Your Favorite Discontinued Beauty Products

Plus: Glitter bombs, denim cuffing techniques and the minimalist heart mani to start mastering.

  • Check out these 7 tips for replacing your favorite discontinued beauty products (like checking outlets and blog sales). [Bustle]
  • Here’s the latest in things-you-can-buy news: a glitter bomb to be mailed to your worst enemies. [Gizmodo]
  • This unexpected denim cuffing technique will save you so many visits to the tailor. [Refinery29]



  • Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Start prepping for the holiday with this negative space heart mani. (It’s minimalist enough to start wearing now!) [Cosmopolitan]
  • We’ve unofficially deemed winter’s best accessory: the blanket scarf. Wear the cozy style four ways. [Fashionista]


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